Introduce the Mod Rider, made for your accessories and helmet. Mod Rider Helmet Hanger and Stand is a functional design that securely supports your helmet and accessories.
One Design Double Use.. Can be chosen where to use: on the wall or on the table.
You can hang your glasses, gloves, and coat thanks to two metal hangers on the wooden surface.
The spherical design made with stainless metal and wood provides a larger surface area to prevent the inner lining of your helmet from tearing or distorting.
This design is produced in walnut polish, handcrafted in Turkey from 100% wood and stainless metal.
Please note that this product is made of natural materials. So, there can be some differences in its appearance.
No doubt, the quality, premium materials, and attention to detail of our Mod Riders make them an indispensable accessory for any discerning rider.
Suitable for all the helmets.

A number of assembly instructions have been created to help customers extend the life cycle of their helmet stand.
Before starting assembly, please read the instructions carefully.

While fixing the helmet hanger to your wall, keep in mind that kinds of wall materials require different sorts of fixing devices.
Use fixing equipment that is appropriate for your home.
Also, keep in mind that different wall materials can hold different loads of weight.
A wall made of wood, concrete, or brick can hold much more loads than a wall made of plaster.
If you have any doubts about what kind of wall you hang the Mod Rider or how to fix it to the wall, you can consult a specialized.

Please be sure that you fixed the Mod Rider securely to the wall. Otherwise, it can cause accidents.

Please wipe the sweat on the ınner surface of your helmet before hanging it. That way, your helmet hanger will last longer.


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